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Hi Guys, Just want to share this. Cube Colossus is chosen as the finalist for Flash Gaming Summit 2010 held in San Francisco this march as the best shooter game. We're so proud that our game get so much recognition, too bad we can't attend the conference there.

You can check other finalist in here s.html

Project Arc Announced!

2010-01-15 10:49:28 by lucidrine

Our recent game project announced! "Valthirian Arc" is a Simulation/RPG where you take a role as a Principal and run a fantasy-themed academy where Sorceresses and Knights are running around.

Enroll students, take quests from the nearby villagers, hunt monsters, train your students, raise their grades and skills, guide them to the jobs and specialty they wanted to, give them proper equipments, take care the mood of your students, fight in academy tournaments, graduate them so they can serve the country, make your academy famous and financially prosperous!

This is our next "big" game after Project Cube (Cube Colossus), so we really tried our best and hope the game will be as good (or even, better!) as the previous project :D

Stay tuned for the updates!

Project Arc Announced!

Cube Colossus Trailer Video

2009-07-21 05:37:16 by lucidrine

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At last, we can present you a game trailer, still need few more things to do until the games is ready tho.
just sit back and enjoy :D


2009-07-17 04:36:43 by lucidrine

Our latest project : Cube Colossus is now on final step, just stay tuned for more information!

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