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Cube Colossus is chosen as finalist at Flash Gaming Summit 2010 as best shooter games

2010-02-08 22:16:45 by lucidrine

Hi Guys, Just want to share this. Cube Colossus is chosen as the finalist for Flash Gaming Summit 2010 held in San Francisco this march as the best shooter game. We're so proud that our game get so much recognition, too bad we can't attend the conference there.

You can check other finalist in here s.html


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2010-02-08 22:23:04

that sucked I voted for the other stuff


2010-02-09 07:58:06

Thanks Carl, your contribution is always appreciated.


2010-04-11 07:17:07

u really shoud make a sequel!


2011-08-18 18:18:10

Agreeance with simsda. That kind of storyline and setting is unique, please don't let it die so easily (^_^) now, I'm not saying the same game, or same gameplay should be fitted with a new storyline, but I think that the story should be continued. Maybe with a different gameplay system? If possible (unless I am setting expectations too high -__-), you could fit the game with a character selection... Rua or her Millie, maybe even Cedric (^_^) Well, wether you do that or not, good luck with whatever project you're working on!